15 maja 2013

Zapraszenie do wzięcia udziału w badaniu dot. szkolnictwa wyższego i wymiany edukacyjnej (Eng)


Dear student, Dear former student of our university,

Our university is participating in a Study on the internationalisation
of universities in Europe. The study is being done by the European
Commission, who also funds the Erasmus programme as well as many other
activities our university benefits from.

The study is an ambitious project that aims at finding answers to a
series of core questions that are most relevant for the future of higher
education cooperation. Your views as students, staff as well as former
students are of the highest importance:

As student or former student you may or may not have spent time abroad
and you may or may not have profited from grants such as ERASMUS or
others to spend time at another university abroad. The European
Commission is interested in what you have learnt during this time and
what effect being abroad or staying in your home country has had on your
personal and career development. All participants in this study will
receive an individual analysis of your personal development compared to
that of other students. Also, you will have the chance to win one of
several iPads. Please open the following link:

As the European Commission is currently restructuring their programmes,
a high degree of participation in this study by our university is very

Thank you very much for your support,

With kind regards,

Your International Office / ERASMUS coordinator