Erasmus - Incoming student

Incoming students - ERASMUS+

General information

For information on application documents and procedures, accommodation, registration deadlines etc. please contact the International Exchange Office

Courses available in English: Architecture, Civil Engineering

The Faculty Coordinators

The Coordinators are responsible for assigning you to groups, informing you on schedules, and providing you with any documents or advice related with your courses in the Faculty AFTER YOUR ARRIVAL.

Civil engineering - Bartosz Szostak, MSc Eng.,, room 528 (old building), phone 81 538 4412

Architecture - Michał Dmitruk, MSc. Eng.,, room 337 (new building)


All classes will be held in the building of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture. The map of the campus is here , and the building is the one marked with number 40. The building is composed of two parts: a long yellow 6-storey one part and a new, white, a little taller one. It is located between the low and flat building of the canteen+library (number 40A) and the church. Here is the photo of the new part

Usually, the classes start at a quarter past a full hour. A typical lecture hour is 45 minutes, and then there is a 15 minutes break. The smallest time unit in the schedule - the row of the table - represents 15 minutes. Please check the schedules carefully for lecture starting times.